Technology enables parents to find part-time work and life balance

Whether it is online retail, in-home data entry, or remote class instruction, technology has changed the game for parents who want to work outside of a traditional office setting, and be their own boss. It is now very possible to launch your own business venture out of your home and build your brand while the kids are napping or off at school.

In this article on BayState Parent, we examine how this trend has grown over the last decade, and why it has been life changing for many parents who otherwise would be limited in their opportunities to earn some extra income for the household. In this article, we see examples of several “mom-trepeneurs;” one runs an an online skincare products site, one works as a part-time writer and editor, and our last example is a pair of mom friends with a flair for decor who met and developed a design business through email and social media. Now it’s a thriving home interior and design store!

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