Has your email been compromised?

Want to know if your email information has been leaked on the dark web? Many email addresses, and associated passwords, have been compromised in recent data breaches. A breach is an incident where data has been unintentionally exposed to the public. Criminals then often make lists of this information and place them on dark web sites for others to view in order to access your account and steal sensitive data (think: financial account information).

Use this link (listed again below) to enter your address (or any address you want to check). If you have been “p0wned” – a term meaning exposed – your first step is to change the password associated with that account.

Other important tips: Do not reuse passwords across accounts, and always use strong passwords. Get tips for creating strong passwords here.


Tips for keeping kids safe on Fortnite

In my monthly column on BayStateParent.com, I dig deeper into a story that is making headlines about the dangers kids face while playing Fortnite and other online games and apps. A story originally reported on the site NJ.com gained attention recently after the arrest of 24 men who police say were using messaging services through Fortnite (and other games and apps) to try and lure children. Law enforcement officials pretended to be kids and communicated with men who thought they were talking with 14- and 15-year-old boys and girls.

But how concerning is this news? Is this a Fortnite-specific problem (spoiler alert: no). And what do parents really need to know to help their kids stay safe while gaming and communicating online? Please read this month’s column for tips and advice.


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