How to Teach Kids to Use Tech For Good

It’s time to partner with our kids on technology use for more productive, enriching purposes.

By managing our device and screen time to be more educational and personally enriching, I am not suggesting we take them away or curtail time spent doing something we enjoy. Instead, I suggest we have a conversation around all of the positive ways the internet can enhance our lives and we spend the next twelve months (and hopefully beyond) using the bulk of our screen and device time for good.

Read about my suggestions in the January issue of Bay State Parent:

Helping Girls Navigate An Online World

Most of us parenting tweens and teens today know that spending time online is a passion for many kids in this age group. A recent report by Common Sense Media finds U.S. teens spend an average of more than seven hours per day on screen media for entertainment, and tweens spend nearly five hours.

A lot of those hours are spent online – using social media and texting with friends. But research also finds time spent online and on social media may be impacting girls differently than boys.

Read about a New Central Mass. group that aims to help young women navigate social media, texting and cyber-bullying.

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